Meet the Team

image Dr. Dan Hament

Dr. Dan Hament initially attended UVM, but finished his undergraduate degree at Colorado State University. He also attended Colorado State for Veterinary School. After nearly 10 years out west he decided to come back to New England, and worked at several veterinary hospitals both in New Hampshire and Vermont. In 1989 he relocated to Richmond to open the Richmond Animal Hospital.

In his time off you may see him riding his bicycle along the road, or even on the trails all around Vermont. He also enjoys windsurfing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and gardening. He recently adopted a cat named Khyber. Other interests include home brewing beer, as well as enjoying many craft beers made in Vermont and New England.

Dr. Cori Weiner

Dr. Cori Weiner

Cori Weiner grew up on Long Island, NY. She moved to Vermont for her undergraduate degree at UVM, and it was here where she met her husband, Jim, a timber framer. She went to Veterinary School at the University of Tennessee. She started working at the Richmond Animal Hospital in 2004.  She has 3 children, Brendon, Marissa and Colby, dog, Rico, and cat King Charles. Her interests include gardening and snowshoeing, and in the spring you can find her in her Sugar House, Mountainview Maple Works.


Dr. Jocelyn Selim

Dr Jocelyn graduated from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2012. She has a couple cameos cleaning and treating seabirds after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the HBO documentary 'Saving Pelican 895.' Before becoming a veterinarian, she spent over a decade as a writer and editor at Discover Magazine in New York City, where a highlight of her career was interviewing Jane Goodall. When she's not being a vet, Dr Jocelyn's favorite thing to do is hike around Silver Lake with her aging -- but still spry -- New Orleans street mutt, Shiner. Dr. Jocelyn was born in Ridgewood NJ, went to high school in Chapel Hill, NC and has a degree in biochemistry from Smith College in Northampton MA. She has been coming to Vermont to ski in the winter and hang out on Lake Dunmore in the summers since she was a child. She now lives on Lake Dunmore full time with her super awesome husband Alex, who didn't tell her to write that.


Dr. Patty Pruitt

Bio coming soon...

Allison Geyer – Senior Veterinary Technician

Allison Geyer – Senior Veterinary Technician

Allison is taking a leave of absence to care for her children, but still comes in occasionally to fill in and do administrative work on the weekends.

Allison was born in Vermont and has always lived in or near the mountains. She always wanted to work with animals since she was a child, growing up around her grandfather’s farm.

Allison joined the Richmond team in 2006. She is currently spending most of her time with her husband Kim, daughters, cat, Big Moves, and her dog Travis.


Liz Adams – Lead Veterinary Technician

Liz has lived in Vermont since she was a young child. She began working with animals in 2000. While pursuing a career in the animal field, she attended the University of Vermont and studied art, which is another of her passions. She joined the Richmond Animal Hospital team in 2008. In her free time she enjoys painting, hiking, and cooking, as well as spending time with her husband, children, cat and dog.

Kobie Woodard – Senior Veterinary Technician

Kobie Woodard – Office Manager

Kobie started working at Richmond Animal Hospital in 2007. She lives in Waterbury Center, with her husband, two children and two dogs, Buster (pictured) and Ozzy.


Jessi Rushford- Veterinary Technician/ Assistant Manager

Jessi originally worked for us as an assistant when she was in high school back in 2012. Her position grew into a technician as she was attending school and once she graduated as a vet tech in 2015. She also got a Bachelor of Science in Business & Technology Management in 2017 from VTC. She has been a state certified technician since 2015 and has experience in surgery and emergency medicine. Her hobbies include painting, spending time with her dogs, boyfriend and family, spending time outside and gardening.


Molly Mitchell – Veterinary Receptionist

Molly joined the RAH team in Frebruary of 2024. She feels that helping people and animals is her purpose in life. Her hobbies include being outdoors with her family on ATV trips, hiking, road tripping and exploring with her dogs.


 Kaylee Minella – Veterinary Technician

Kaylee joined the RAH staff in 2022. Kaylee recently moved to Vermont from Florida, and is enjoying the cooler temps! In her free time she enjoys painting, drawing, skateboarding, hiking and spending time with her partner and pets.

Tiffany Sarandis- Veterinary Technician

Tiffany re-joined the RAH staff after spending time in Washington DC and Puerto Rico. During her free time she runs a vintage clothing business, paddleboards and volunteers with an animal rescue organization. 

Ani Brosky- Veterinary Assistant

Ani joined the RAH staff in the spring of 2024. 

Morgan Ackerly- Veterinary Assistant

Morgan started working at RAH in the spring of 2024. Morgan attends UVM during the school year.

Ali Tow- Veterinary Assistant

Ali joined the team in 2023 after a long career in logistics. In her free time, Ali enjoys running and boating and most outdoor activities. Her menagerie includes Pig the dog and two cats, Starvin Marvin and his sister Get off the table Mabel.

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